Recognition of Prior Learning

PwC’s Auditor Training offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL); a quick and cost-effective way to gain international recognition of your existing skills, knowledge and experience.

RPL is a great option if you have limited or no formal qualifications but extensive on-the-job experience. Group RPL is also available.

What is RPL?

RPL is an opportunity for auditors with existing or similar qualifications to gain credit towards their certificate of attainment with Exemplar Global. Examples of previous learnings may include study from recognised tertiary organisations, courses outside of the tertiary education system or applicable work experience.

Assessment Portfolio

If you have no qualifications but believe you have the practical skills, knowledge and experience to match any of the units listed, you can compile a portfolio of evidence. We help to streamline the process by providing helpful templates and an Evidence Portfolio Guide. We then assess your completed portfolio. In some cases, the assessment identifies evidence ‘gaps’ or requires third party verification of your work.

We are a certified Exemplar Global TPECS provider. RPL is available for the following qualifications and units:

Internationally recognised competency units:

  • Exemplar Global AU – Management systems auditing
  • Exemplar Global TL – Leading management systems audit teams
  • Exemplar Global QM – Quality management systems
  • Exemplar Global EM – Environmental management systems
  • Exemplar Global OH – OHS management systems
  • Exemplar Global FS – Food safety management systems
    • Exemplar Global NFSA 1 – Assess compliance with food safety programs
    • Exemplar Global NFSA 2  – Communicate – Food safety audits
    • Exemplar Global NFSA 3 – Conduct food safety audits
    • Exemplar Global NFSA  4 – Identify, evaluate, and control food safety hazards

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“I really enjoyed this course – much more than i thought i would. John Smale is an excellent facilitator! I liked his breadth knowledge and his personal anecdotes added a personal depth that kept me engaged for the full 5 days. He should definitely be gifted a voucher for a fishing charter for his efforts.”

“I enjoyed the functional learnings the course content had to offer. The lecturer bought exceptional value and worth to the training due to his vast knowledge and experience.”

“This is an excellent course which is directly relevant to my line of work. The PwC Admin team were adaptable to upgrading me into the Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor course part way through the course. I now have more confidence in my auditing skills.”

“The Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor training program was comprehensive, well paced, informative and provided many opportunities to apply the course content in a realistic fashion. The trainers were superb. They knew their content back to front and were able to bring together and engage participants through their diverse practical experience.”

“I found Tom’s delivery and understanding of ISO 9001 very informative and hands on which helped further my understanding of the information that we received.”