PwC’s Auditor Training (formerly Auditor Training Centre) has a team of expert auditor trainers who are all practicing auditors in the fields of Quality, Environmental, OHS, Food Safety, Information Security, Business Continuity and Integrated Management Systems certification. Our trainers have great delivery and training techniques, which make our courses relevant and practical with real auditing experiences.

Tom Barham

Tom is father to a five-year-old Italian Greyhound called Willow. He is our in-house chef and foodie. Family and friends are forever asking Tom to whip up his amazing multilayer orange almond stack and watch out at Easter, because his triple choc ganache easter eggs are to die for!

Tom was once about to begin a health and safety review at an aerospace maintenance organisation when within half an hour of walking in the door, he tore the back of his trousers on a whiteboard. Tom learned that day that it is very difficult to write on a whiteboard facing away from it, and that it is also good to wear similar coloured underpants and trousers on important work days.

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Pat HoriganPat Horigan

Pat is a member of the Coast Guard and spends his weekends out on the water. He enjoys camping and travelling around Northern Australia. This sometimes means he has to leave his German Shepherd at home, so he’s never away for too long.

Pat’s most awkward training experience was one of those times when everything could go wrong, did go wrong – it involved traffic, spilled coffee, fire drills, and evacuating a class down 16 flights of stairs. Thankfully, that was a one-off and Pat’s classes are widely-regarded as some of our most enjoyable. 

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Martin Tolar

Martin breeds Australian Shepherds and spends his weekends coaching AFL and ferrying his kids to footy and basketball.

Martin’s most embarrassing auditing experience was having to conduct an audit in his gym gear. He was at the gym prior to starting the audit when the auditee cancelled. As he was close by, he dropped in to explain the consequences to the auditee, who decided to proceed with the audit after all. Martin didn’t have anywhere to shower or change so he conducted the audit wearing his 2007 City to Surf Fun Run souvenir participant t-shirt and his old footy shorts. 

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Claire Bingham

Claire has four dogs, three horses, a cat and a husband. Claire travels quite a bit on consulting jobs – being highly sought-after for both her pragmatic quality system implementation and her awesome jokes. To add to the mix, she also runs a Perth-based dog rescue charity and does horseback archery, trail riding and dressage as hobbies. We’re still not quite sure how she manages to fit us in to her schedule! With roots in the UK, we think one of Claire’s best jobs would have been working as a Quality Systems Brewer for Carlsberg breweries. Any volunteers for those quality control tests? 

Claire will never live down the day she asked a ‘random guy’ to borrow his mobile phone. He obliged, leaving her friends gobsmacked. Turns out the ‘random guy’ was Robert Plant and Claire had no clue she had just used the lead singer of Led Zeppelin’s phone.

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John Smale 

John is our resident adrenaline junkie – he’s bungee jumped, skydived, and has even gone swimming with great white sharks (all while conducting the appropriate risk assessments of course!) John loves to travel and whilst once on a fishing trip in the Solomon Islands, he outran an erupting volcano. The biggest risk John likes to take is sampling local street food in his travels. Despite the fact he’s a qualified food safety auditor and environmental health consultant, John has on occasion, found himself in the throes of some nasty bouts of food poisoning. 

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Aseem Goswami 

Aseem is our cricket-mad Information Security Management Systems specialist. You’ll find Aseem playing club cricket most weekends and if he’s not doing that, he’ll be running a marathon or enjoying a movie.

Aseem’s most awkward training experience was when he had to deliver Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor training to senior executives and partners he had previously worked closely with on audit engagements. Just like Luke Skywalker, the student had become the master!  

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Lisa Tomassen 

Lisa is a bit of a rock star in food safety circles. In 2014, she was the recipient of the ‘Outstanding individual working as a registered Food Safety Auditor’ award – a prestigious prize awarded by Advancing Food Safety – an independent food industry body. Lisa has a vast knowledge of a broad array of the food safety standards globally, including SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000, HARPS, and the specific requirements of Suppliers to many large Australian grocers and supermarkets. Like we said, she’s the Dave Grohl of food safety.

Lisa is our team green thumb and has a succulent garden that is the envy of all who see it. Given her extensive background in food safety auditing, Lisa is also very handy to have around the office to provide advice on team lunch venue choices. 

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Jennifer Vecchio 

Jen has an unbridled passion for travel and her journeying highlights to date include cooeeing off the Great Wall of China, riding a scooter through the steep and winding roads of Ko Phangan, Bollywood dancing in front of 500 wedding guests at a Punjabi wedding and conquering the Inca Trail to ascend Machu Picchu. Jen has travelled to five continents so far.

Jen has worked as a marketer in Austria, started her banking career in Sydney and now finds herself back in her hometown of Brisbane working for PwC in the Digital Trust team.

Jen is a subscriber to New Scientist and gets her creative kicks from cake decorating and cooking. She loves any and all things free and her adoration of pasta is unmatched, even in Italian circles.

When she’s not preoccupied with this other stuff, Jen specialises in risk management, privacy and data governance.

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“I really enjoyed this course – much more than i thought i would. John Smale is an excellent facilitator! I liked his breadth knowledge and his personal anecdotes added a personal depth that kept me engaged for the full 5 days. He should definitely be gifted a voucher for a fishing charter for his efforts.”

“I enjoyed the functional learnings the course content had to offer. The lecturer bought exceptional value and worth to the training due to his vast knowledge and experience.”

“This is an excellent course which is directly relevant to my line of work. The PwC Admin team were adaptable to upgrading me into the Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor course part way through the course. I now have more confidence in my auditing skills.”

“The Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor training program was comprehensive, well paced, informative and provided many opportunities to apply the course content in a realistic fashion. The trainers were superb. They knew their content back to front and were able to bring together and engage participants through their diverse practical experience.”

“I found Tom’s delivery and understanding of ISO 9001 very informative and hands on which helped further my understanding of the information that we received.”